Succubus Dreams

Title: Succubus Dreams
Author: Richelle Mead
Release Date: October 2008
Pages: 448
How I got the book: Bought it, own it

Some days, a girl just can't catch a break...especially when the girl in question is Georgina Kincaid, a shape-shifting succubus. First there's her relationship with gorgeous bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, which is unsatisfying on a number of levels. It's not just that they can't have sex in case Georgina inadvertently kills him (generally a turn-off for most guys). Lately, even spending time together is a challenge.

Then there are the dreams. Someone, or something, is preying on Georgina at night, draining her energy, and supplying eerie visions of her future. Georgina seeks answers from Dante, a dream interpreter with ties to the underworld, but his flirtatious charm only leaves her more confused. Now Georgina faces a double challenge - rein in her out-of-control love life, and go toe-to-toe with an enemy capable of wreaking serious havoc among mankind. Otherwise, Georgina, and the entire mortal world, may never sleep easy again.

Stand alone or series: Series ! This is the third instalment of the Georgina Kincaid series.
Why did I read this book: Multiple reasons, first is that I love Richelle Mead, she is one of my favorite writers. Second is that I really like this series, I enjoy the characters and the way the story has been so far. I was also watching some anime and it had a succubus in it, which made me in the mood to continue this series.

Cover impressions: Some old as the others, a women in the front, looking seductive.


Damn, I just loved this book so much. Richelle Mead is such an amazing writer!! I felt so sad after reading this book, after what happened with Georgina. Which makes her such an good writer, letting me feel with the main character like it is happening to me, like I just lost the man I loved and see him being all cute with my friend. Damn.

I had a stupid moment starting this book haha. I was in the mood for this book, wanting to read about succubi. So I grapped the third one in the row, and started reading. But everything seemed so familiar… like I already read it.. but I knew for sure I had not read the third part! So I looked it up.. had I grapped the second part instead XD But after that I quickly started this book J

I got into it right away, with some books it takes a while, but I got right back where I left of with Succubus Nights. As soon as the characters come back they fit right in and I remember again what happened last time.

In this instalment Georgina has trouble with her dreams. When she feeds, goes to sleep and wakes up she is weak all of the sudden with most of her reserve gone. Not only that, but the imp who bought her contract and got her in the succubus business is back in town with a new succubus. Georgina gets assigned mentor over the succubus, who turns out to be completely useless in being a succubi. Apart from that she is still in a difficult relationship with Seth Mortensen, which is getting worse by the minute.

I really ended up hating Seth at the end of this book. I do not get him at all. He has been so good for her, completely in love with her and devoted to her.. and then he sleeps with one of her best friends and dumps her !!! Oké, I did saw it coming that that was going to happen from early on. It was quite obvious.. but still. HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO HER ?!?!?! And not just the sleeping part, but right after that he jumps in a relationship with Maddy.. He said he loved Georgina, his Thetis.. How much can something like that mean if you can get over it so quickly?!?! He really disappointed me.. So done with Seth. Blegh.

Though I do love the drama! It sucks me right in the middle of everything and makes you feel a part of her world. It hurt when he did that to her, when she was all alone at the party seeing the love of her life being chummy with her friend.

Got to love Carter for saving her from that. Oh how I love the humour in this story, the angel burning down the Christmas tree. Ending up with three new ones for this year because everyone thinks she wants one (while she actually doesn’t).
I really like how she intertwined the old traditions of the supernatural with modern times in this series. Like making the underworld much more a business enterprise. Her being a mentor with rules and a guiding book.

I liked how the story came together in the end, how she builds it up perfectly and everything fits. Getting Nyx in the picture and how she put the angels in. There are so many side stories to this, with the love of Vincent and Yasmine, what is going on with Hugh, if we will read more about Dante, what will happen with the new succubus..

Talking about that part! I am sooo curious what is going on with her contract! No way that creep went to all that trouble for nothing.. Who knows, maybe she can get out of it.. do you think she would want that? And… now that Seth is out of the picture, who will be next?

So no surprise, I want to give this book 5 Freyja’s. After finishing this book I was actually sad for what happened. That’s what makes a book a good book, letting you feel with the characters. That is what makes her stories so great, her writing. Maybe her stories are not the most original ones, or the most mysterious, but the way she writes these stories just make you want to read more. So I went on the internet and got the next two books ^^ If you haven’t read these books, I would really recommend them to you!


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