Review. Lucky in Love

Title. Lucky in Love
Author. Kasie West
Publisher. Point
Release Date. July 25th 2017
Standalone/Series. Standalone
Genre. YA, Contemporary Romance


In this new contemporary from YA star Kasie West, a girl who wins the lottery learns that money can cause more problems than it solves, especially when love comes into the picture. 

Maddie doesn't believe in luck. She's all about hard work and planning ahead. But one night, on a whim, she buys a lottery ticket. And then, to her astonishment --

She wins!

In a flash, Maddie's life is unrecognizable. No more stressing about college scholarships. Suddenly, she's talking about renting a yacht. And being in the spotlight at school is fun... until rumors start flying, and random people ask her for loans. Now, Maddie isn't sure who she can trust.

Except for Seth Nguyen, her funny, charming coworker at the local zoo. Seth doesn't seem aware of Maddie's big news. And, for some reason, she doesn't want to tell him. But what will happen if he learns her secret?

With tons of humor and heart, Kasie West delivers a million-dollar tale of winning, losing, and falling in love.

I’m always looking forward to a new Kasie West contemporary. They are easy to read and very compelling. But most of all, they are just incredibly cute and fluffy. Sometimes it is a nice change to have something cute and happy instead of all the drama and over the top tragedy that fills most plots in YA contemporary.
But it is also, always the downfall to her novels for me. Nothing BIG really happens, everything stays flat and predictable.

So even though I like reading her novels and love happy endings; they never have the depth I would like to see in these kind of stories...

I liked the nerdiness from Maddie and her friend. And then I mean mostly her friend Blair. I think she is the person I liked most in this book. She was awesome. Maybe she was a bit weird and she didn’t really go out.. But I really liked how she didn’t care about other people’s opinions and worked hard for what she wanted. She knew who she was and what she wanted out of high school. The only constant and stable person in Maddie’s life. Go Blair !

I liked that the romance developed slowly. Yes we all knew from the beginning they would end up together… no surprise there, but I hate instalove. So this was better.

I liked how the plot was based around someone who won the lottery. This is not something that happens a lot (you get sooner hit by lightning), so it was a fun to read about. How difficult it becomes to know who really are your friends and who only liked you because of your money. That you get a bit paranoid by it. Liked that spin. 

Even though the MC had some nice personality traits, I had a lot of issues with her as well. Mainly this: For someone who is supposed to be so smart, Maddie can be incredibly stupid.
Like the thing with her “Uncle”, who did not see that coming from a mile away ? Something like that you discuss with people who know what they are talking about, and even though she knows nothing about it, at least she should have put more thought into it before investing so much money…

So what happens with the woman at the store who made her buy the ticket ? She was having doubts first what to do about it… but later on, nothing ! Yes I get that you should not give money to everyone who is asking about it, but if not for that woman she would not have bought that ticket !! She would not be a multimillionaire if not for her. They put her away as some annoying bitch, but personally, I would have thanked her. 

Talking about loose ends.. How about Elise ?? Apparently she was not important at all ?

And Seth. He has no personality. At all. As THE love interest in this book, he should at least have some characteristics. But I got nothing.

Because I wasn’t the biggest fan of my main characters I had some trouble getting any emotions out of this book. This was not a heart-breaking story, no heavy feelings or anything like that. Which can be nice, but also a bit boring…. 

It was a nice read. Not a book to pick up if you want some heavy emotions and heart-breaking moments. But just a sweet and fluffy novel about two simple teenagers with not much depth.

For me this one was a bit less than her previous ones, mainly because I did not really enjoy the characters much. Maddie was way too na├»ve for me to like her and because of that I could not get into the plot. I also felt like there was some unfinished business that should have been included (plot holes) and all in all this was not my favorite Kasie West novel. Not really anything special here. 

Rating 3



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