Title: Frostfire
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Release Date: January 2015
Pages: 321
How I got the book: E-reader

Bryn Aven is an outcast among the Kanin, the most powerful of the troll tribes.

Set apart by her heritage and her past, Bryn is a tracker who's determined to become a respected part of her world. She has just one goal: become a member of the elite King’s Guard to protect the royal family. She's not going to let anything stand in her way, not even a forbidden romance with her boss Ridley Dresden.

But all her plans for the future are put on hold when Konstantin– a fallen hero she once loved – begins kidnapping changelings. Bryn is sent in to help stop him, but will she lose her heart in the process?

Standalone or series: This is the first part in the Kanin Chronicles, and in some way a spin-off from the Trylle series. Same world, and some of the same characters.

Why did I read this book: Well, I love Amanda Hockings stories. My Blood Approves is one of my favourite series (Damn how much do I want to read the final book!!) and I really liked the Trylle series as well. So when she came with a new series about the trolls in the same world as the Trylle I was very curious.

Cover impression: It is soooo pretty !!It looks kind of magical with the snow and the girl in read. Just like a fairy tale.

So I just finished Frostfire and I liked it. I did not looooove it, but it was entertaining and made me what to know more about it. I read the Trylle series as well, and I liked that it continued in the same world with some of the same characters. Only this time it centres the Kanin instead of the Trylle. Which made it refreshing and new in some ways, but old and familiar in other ways. I liked that combination.

The only downside was that after reading so many books it is hard to remember everything that happened in the previous series haha. I read the Trylle series about 3 years ago, and I do remember some parts.. but most of it is long gone. It made me want to read the Trylle series again.. but well, I have so many books I still have to read that this has not much priority.
Plus that I am also trying re-reading the Hush Hush series.. so that is enough for now !

So the Kanin is a different kind of trolls then the Trylle. It has the same basics, it has a king and a queen, followed by the markis’ and the marksinna’s. But instead of just trackers, they also have the Hodrogen or something like that. They are the Elite Guard of the kingdom. And were the Trylle keeps the human changelings, the Kanin do not. Which makes them more.. elite and self-centred in some ways..  They are more about keeping the Kanin pure.. Which sucks for our main character, it being that she is only half Kanin (and half Skojare). So she is kind of an outcast because of that.

I really liked the main character, Bryn. She is just the kind of woman I love. Strong and independent. She wants to do everything on her own and does not need the help of others. She might be a little hard-headed, but that made me like her even more. I dislike it when a main character depends too much on others, like describing women are weak and need help to accomplish even the most simple tasks. Bryn was absolutely strong and wanted to do things on her own. Loved that. And because of her heritage she has to work extra hard to accomplish the things she wants. She really fights for herself and what she wants to be in the future.

Because of that she can be kind of harsh sometimes.. On herself and others as well.. And on the whole romance thing. I really liked our main love interest Ridley.. He is cute and sexy, but he really seems to appreciate Bryn for who she is. The only problem being that he is her boss and that is a big no-no.
And I kind of have the feeling that Konstantin could become something more as well in the next books, but well we have to wait for that.

Oh ! Which reminds me,  how awesome of Amanda Hocking that the other two books of this series are being published this year !! 

So the plot itself.. While trying to get an high priority changeling back, he almost gets kidnapped before her own eyes and she has to run away with him. And not by just anyone, but by the guy that almost killed her father a couple years back. So this becomes quite the issue back in Kanin kingdom, and especially when it happens again. So they’re issuing to get more changelings back sooner than planned to keep them out of their hands. Apart from Konstantin and an troll from another kingdom, they do not know what is going on and what the big picture behind all of this is. And when the queen of the Skojare disappears, it gets even more complicated. Bryn is send to Storvatten (the main capital of the Skojare kingdom) to help searching for the queen together with Ridley. Some trolls from the Trylle are also invited to help, among them Tove (he sounded sooo familiar.. but I can’t remember him!!) but they get really weird vibes from the rulers of the Skojare. Some stuff happens, Konstantin is captured and escapes (together with some big bad wanted figure from the Kanin) and well.. the book ended somewhere around that.. 

So the book ended completely open... What is going on ?? This book has given some clues, but mostly a lot of questions !! What happened to the queen? What is going on with the kidnapping of changelings? What is the big picture behind it all? And will Bryn come together with Ridley, or will someone else come into view? I’ll have to wait..

One of the things that I did miss though was.. well.. the feeling.. I liked to book, I liked the main character, but I missed the passion.. I had no trouble putting this book down and I even read some other books before I finished it. So even though I did like it, it missed some of the chemistry that made it spark.. But who knows, the first book is maybe more of an introduction into this new kingdom.. and will the next book have more fire in it.. We shall see.

I would like to give it a solid 4 Freyja’s. She did good with this book, build it up nicely and left me wanting for more. But like I said, I missed the chemistry. I liked the plot, it has a lot of action and things happening. I went from one event to the other, and even though some explanations were necessary to introduce us all back into the world of the trolls, the introductions were brief and short. She did not give too much information, but just the most important facts.
Still.. I for one can’t wait for the next instalment of the Kanin Chronicles, because I have a lot of questions I want answers to !!


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