Re-reading the Hush Hush series

So I’m currently reading the Hush Hush series again. Very stupid of me, but last week I came to the conclusion that I never finished the serie. I have never read the last part, Finale, while I do have it in my bookcase.. For like a couple of years XD Soo.. I could just grab the last part and start reading it, but since it has been a long time, I don’t think I will remember what happened in the other parts.. Coming to the conclusion that I should just start all over again with this series.
It was one of my favourites, so reading it again only makes it more fun. I have so many books in my bookcase, but I barely have time to read the ones I haven’t read. So reading something I’ve already read is new for me ! And I like it ! I have not bought them and stored them to never do anything with them again.. My goal has been all along to read them multiple times. And this gives me a good motive to do just that ! Ha !

So right now I have just finished Crescendo, and I got to admit that I don’t love it as much as I remembered it !! Yes it is written easy, you go right through it in no time.. but well.. It is not as passionate as I thought it was. The love between Nora and Patch is not as beautiful as a remembered, and I got to admit that I am annoyed by her sometimes.. She is so naïve on one side, but on the other side is she very paranoid and sees danger everywhere..

Not that there is no danger.. because well, there is danger around everyone ! Almost literally !! There are sooo many bad guys/women in this series.. It is starting to get ridiculous XD What happened with the one evil dude/chick ? In this book almost everyone she meets is evil and wants to hurt her !!

Including Patch.. she claims to really love him, but she does not trust him at all. In fact, she suspects him for almost everything that goes wrong.. Without given him the benefit of doubt… *sigh* And Patch himself… he is just a jerk most of the time ! And not in a charming way..

But well.. I am going to finish this story anyway !! I just needed to get this out haha ^^


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