Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Best Books We Read in 2015

My first Top Ten Tuesday !!! I always check out the top ten’s from multiple other bloggers, but well.. why not do it myself as well ? 

So this week’s topic is the Top Ten Best Books We Read in 2015, quite the difficult choice for me, since I have read over a 100 books this year so far.. Of course, not all books were amazing, but I did read a lot of awesome books this year ! Not just new ones, but older ones as well. So I made my own mix, in no particular order. 


1-800-Where-R-You series from Meg Cabot. I had SO MUCH FUN reading this series ! I know it’s a series that was published years ago, but I just enjoyed it so much ! The main character is so funny and the craziest things happen to her, it was just such a fun read.


The Ruby Circle from Richelle Mead. This was the last one of the Bloodlines series, and it was really sad to say goodbye. The last couple of years I had an constant doses of the VA world Richelle Mead created, which continued with the Bloodlines series, and now that it is all over I really miss it !! I hope maybe she will write some more about this awesome world in the future.


Unravel Me and Ignite Me from Tahereh Mafi. Damn I loved these books so much ! I read the first one a while back, but never got to the second part. So I picked it up and could not let it down. It was just such a strong and powerful series, just woow. So beautiful.


The Darkest Minds from Alexandra Bracken. It just blew me away, so good. I love how she managed to create a completely new world, it was so original. After finishing this book I got so sad that I needed to cuddle up with my boyfriend to recover for a bit. She made me feel that way, and that was very powerful, to have that effect as a writer on your readers.


Charley Davidson series from Darynda Jones. I’ve read the first book a while back, but never continued. (I have this problem with a lot of series) So I started a new resolution for myself, when I start a series, I will finish the stories (as far as possible) This series being the first one, and I managed to read through all 8 currently available books ! The main character is just awesome and the others as well, love the mysteries in it !


The Fifth Wave from Rick Yancey. Also an unexpected awesome book !! I had it in my bookcase for a while, bought it in sale, but woow !! Did not imagine it was so cool, also it kept me guessing !!


Cress and Winter from Marissa Meyer. Like I wrote earlier, I just loved The Lunar Chronicles soooo much ! This entire series is just amazing and perfect. I love the fairy-tale retellings and how everything comes together at the end !! One of my absolute favourites this year !!


The Immortal Beloved series from Cate Tiernan. Due to bookcover problems I never read the last book so I started the whole series again this year, and I loved it very much. The main character grows so much during the story and I love a good witchcraft book. (Those are rare)


The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. Another fairy-tale retelling, only this one is about a completely different story. It captured me from the beginning, the world, the characters, the romance… It was just such a strong read !! Can’t wait for the second part !!!


Shadows on the Moon by Zoë Marriott. Just a random book I picked up, but was I blown away ! It was so exciting and thrilling !! I loved that the story took place in Japan, so original !! Beautiful standalone that was a big surprise !

Those are my Top Ten picks, what were your top reads of this year ? Share below in the comments !!!


  1. I've been dying to read the Charley Davidson series! It was recommended to me by someone I have similar taste with, and now seeing it here is making me want to read it even more, especially if it's got a great main character. And I too love urban fantasy!

    1. If you love UF then Charley Davidson is a great recommendation, also.. have you read the Mercy Thompson series from Patricia Briggs ? Also a REALLY great UF series (in my opinion) is the Georgina Kincaid series from Richelle Mead, loved that one so much !!


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