FRIDAY 56 & Book Beginnings 17.06.16.

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Good morning everybody ! Luckily it is almost weekend, I really need some rest. I'm extremely stressed and tired.. could really use some me-time.

But first, today another book beginnings and page 56 of a book that I just finished ! I had never heard of this book before, but I saw the second one on NetGalley and I had to read the first one right away. I just LOVE the title haha, big fan ^^ 
And this book was just what I needed, a light and funny novel with some mystery and superpowers to mix things up. 
So without further ado...

FIRST Sentence.
"My life changed forever the night the stalker came to town, although I didn't realize it at the time. I say came to town, but I know now it was someone who had been there all along. I actually had no intention of getting involved. I thought the cops had it covered. They spotted some guy all over the city dressed up in funny costumes. Clowns, rock stars, flamboyant dinosaurs."

"No. It's illegal and I'm not doing it."
"It's not. I think you should reconsider, little guy. You are the best we've ever had."
"You never had me. Did you make Gable plant that stuff in my locker? Angel said it wouldn't have happened if I had listened."
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"You're a liar. I'm outa here. Leave me alone."

And once again, I'm not going to tell you much more about it, so if you're interested you should look it up and get started !


  1. Love the cover and title. Come see what book I chose this week here. Happy reading!

  2. I love the title too and that 56 definitely has me wondering what's going on. So does that beginning for that matter! I definitely want to know what's going on with the costumes. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Looks like a good one. I would read this. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great evening.

  4. The beginning pulled me in more than the 56. Happy weekend!


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