August 2017. Wrap Up & Book Haul

August has been a relaxed month for me. It wasn’t a stressful month like July has been and things got a bit more calm at work as well. Biggest downside to this month ? The weather. Normally August is a warm and hot month here, since it is supposed to be summer. But we’ve had so much rain and low temperatures that it seemed like they just skipped right over this season straight into fall.  

But who knows, maybe we’ll have a great September. Which would be great for me, because in couple of weeks my vacation will start !! Yes I’ve been counting down for a while, and in 2 weeks I’ll be in the USA !!! I’ve never been that far and I’m SO EXCITED !!! I’ll be travelling with my husband to the West coast and doing a lot of sight-seeing and driving around. Can’t wait !!! But well, let’s wrap up this month first !

This has been a good months for my readings, because I’ve read 10 books ! From these, I’ve reviewed 4, which is not great.. but I'm working on it !

So let’s see what this will do for my goals of 2017…
I’m planning on reading 101 books this year (yes I know, weird number, but I’ve been trying to read more every year, and even though I knew I would be busy with work this year, I still wanted to set my goals higher than last year, which was 100 books.. so yeah.. 101 XD)
But since I’m currently at 89, I think I will manage ^^

From these 101 books, I want to read at least 12 debut novels for my Debut Author Challenge of 2017. So far I’ve read 9, so I would say I’m up to date with that one :) 

I’m also trying to read more books I have on my shelves instead of only picking up new ebooks.. And this month I’ve read 5 books from that. Which is half of what I read, so go me ^^ I also read some novels I had for a while, like The Rook by Daniel O’Malley, so I'm on the right track !

The Hate u Give by Angie Thomas – Extremely powerful book: 5 amazing stars !!
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton – Fun read, though got a bit bored at the end: 4 stars
The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent –  Finally read this action-packed fantasy: 3.5 stars
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – So much fun, loved everything about it: 5 stars !
Coming Up for Air by Miranda Kenneally – One of the better ones, so cute: 4 stars
Fallen Heir by Erin Watt (ARC) – Can’t get enough of these novels, hate her cliff-hangers: 4 stars

I’m currently trying to save money for our trip to the USA, so I did not get that much new books, especially in the physical department…
Did get some ARC’s and stuff on NetGalley though.


My FairyLoot Subscriptionbox of this month: 
Wicked Lika a Wildfire by Lana Popovic

EBOOKS.(NetGalley Loot)

Fallen Heir by Erin Watt (ARC)
This Body won’t Break by Lea McKee
Secondborn by Amy Bartol
Four of a Kind by Kellie Bean
Carry me Home by Jessica Therrien (ARC)
The Fire Queen by Emily R. King (ARC)
Thunderstruck by Brenda Drake (ARC)

At the moment I'm reading Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin, which I own on my Kindle. I came across it again when I was searching my Kindle for what to read next and thought why not ? I'm in the mood for some werewolves ! So far it's very easy to read and I like the MC. 
I also just started in Replica by Lauren Oliver, which I got from my October Nerdy Bookworm box in Hardcover (!!), that unfortunately doesn't excist any longer.. Trying to change the MC every chapter, which so far consists of me using two bookmarks and flipping the novel a lot XD But it does have something funny ^^ 

How was your August ?


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