Meet Freyja and the others

So I'm a MAJOR cat lover. We have three cats at home, and Freyja is the first cat that I got myself when I started living on my own. I've had her since she was a kitten, and even though she has calmed down a bit, she is still my crazy little monster. 
I live with my husband and our other cats, Skye and Winter in The Netherlands.

So this is Freyja. Yes I named her after the Norwegian Goddess, thought it was a beautiful name. She is just the cutest and loves to be a monster. When she does not get what she wants she will make sure we'll notice her haha. Throws stuff of tables, runs right over you when you're just chilling on the couch, or simply finds something she can make noice with. She’s also an awesome playmate, for example, she brings back the toys you throw for her and repeats doing so ^^ In the colder seasons she really loves to cuddle up with me on a blanket. Love her so much.


This little one is Jessie. I got her in 2011 from the animal shelter. They guessed she was about one year old, I don’t know what exactly happened to her, but she is very anxious and afraid sometimes. I try my best to make her more comfortable and she can be very cuddly as well. She also drools when you pet her haha, and her tail gets all fluffy. She’s my little baby. 
She currently lives with my parents, because of her anxiety :( But she is doing so much better there and I see her regulair.

This is my husbands little princess. Her name is Skye and she is a beautiful Main Coon. She can be a complete diva and loves to lay on your lap, but no touching !! Only sometimes, when she is almost asleep, we are allowed to pet her. Not when she is awake of course, because she will look at you with the most hateful look ever and walks away. Because she is his little girl and she started out without the other cats, she can get a little jealous of the others when my husband gives them attention. Ohh the look she gives when that happens ! She is really one of the most expressful cats I've ever met. But well, we love her anyway.

And... at last, but not least !! We have a new addition to our pack ^^ Her name is Winter (in anticipation of the new Marissa Meyer book) but we mostly call her Winnie. She is absolutely freaking adorable. I've never had a more clumsy cat than this one, but she is totally cute. She is a Norwegian Forestcat, and getting so big !! She can be a real attention seeker, just looking at you and winking. Such a charmer. She can stand for a very long time on her hind legs (especcialy when you have something to eat nearby).


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