So I noticed this TAG over at a fellow blogger, Angel Erin’s Book Obsession and it just sounded like so much fun ! I normally don’t really do tags, don’t know why.. I actually don’t have a reason at all haha, but it just never really called to me. But this one does !! So if you are interesting in doing this tag as well, call yourself tagged ^^

ONE. Randomly chose three books. (You can use the random option on your Goodreads shelf for example, and pick the top three)
TWO. For each group pick one to burn, one to rewrite and one to reread. 
THREE. Repeat for three rounds. (Or more if you like)



BURN. Touch the Dark. This is the easy one this round, I completely disliked this book and DNF’ed it. The main character was horrible and stupid and the scene’s just shifted from one to the next and confused me very much. Definitely a burn.

REWRITE. Gates of Thread and Stone, much more difficult this one. Because I really liked this book and the world it was in. But, in some ways it was very overwhelming, so much happened and the setting was very complicated. Maybe it would be better to rewrite some bits.

REREAD. On the Fence, oh I completely loved this one. The characters were very likeable and Katie West just has this way of sucking you completely into the story, definitely a reread !


BURN. Hush, Hush. Wow, I reread this one last year.. and was I disappointed ! I don’t know why, but when I was younger I loved this book and though Patch was super sexy and Nora just awesome. But when I reread it, it was just awful !! Patch is such an ass, a total stalker, very violent and I did not like him at all. Nora was very weird and stupid and I so did not get their attraction.. or my attraction to the story anymore. So burn it !!

REWRITE. Sweet Peril, I did like this one.. but I never continued. Maybe if it were better I would have wanted to continue right away.. So it could use a rewrite.

REREAD. City of Glass, because no matter what, Cassandra Clare is a beautiful writer and I love this world she created. I really want to reread this entire series again !!


BURN. The Name of the Star, I had a lot of trouble finishing this book. The idea was okay (I love Jack the Ripper stories), but it did not appeal to me at all, I felt zero connection to any of the characters, so burn it.

REWRITE. A Beautiful Evil, I did like this one.. But sometimes things just got too cliché, and the main character felt to sorry for herself.. So that could use a bit of rewriting, because apart from that the whole world and plot is awesome !

REREAD. Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet, because I LOVE Charley Davidson and in a short amount of time, this series had become one of my favourites. So hell yes to reread !!

 So, what did you think of my choices ? Do you agree of would you have made different choices ? Let me know !!



  1. Yesssss to Cassandra Clare books! Omg that is too funny you have Touch the Dark on here. I bought that book a long time ago and never read it. I just added it to my sell pile a couple weeks ago. Thanks for reconfirming my decision!! Haha.


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