FRIDAY 56 & Book Beginnings 15.04.16.

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Good day everyone !! Are you also looking forward to the weekend ? I know I am !! Freedommm.
Though I will have a tough time tomorrow, because we are going to scatter the ashes of my grandmother, at the same place we scattered my grandfather’s ashes almost 10 years ago. So weird that that happened so long ago, I still remember him perfectly. Another chapter closed. But first, because it’s Friday, another Friday 56 & Book Beginnings !! 

So this week I’m going to post about a book I have yet to start. I’m currently reading the third part, but it is nearing its end.. so I will continue with the fourth one hopefully this weekend. Kind of a bummer though that this is the last part that has been released so far, after this one I will have to wait until December before I can read on.. But it has been worth it, because I really really like this series ! So without further ado, here is my book for this week !


FIRST Sentence.
The pitch-back monster reached towards the young boy with horrible, long-fingered hands, pressing him down into his bed, smothering him.

PAGE 56.
The thief stared at Kyan with wide eyes. “No! Don’t – whatever you’re doing – don’t do this!”
“It’s already done,” Kyan replied simply.
“You – what are you? You’re a demon! An evil beast from the darklands!”

I hope I made you a bit curious about this book.. ^^ Have a great and wonderful weekend !!



  1. I have read A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes. I did like the book, so I do eventually want to give this part of the series a try. :-)

  2. I keep meaning to read this author. So many friends have recommended the book too.

    My Friday 56 from The Overnight

  3. It does intrigue me. December is a long time to wait!

    I'm featuring Between you and me this week. Happy reading.

  4. Curious? Yes indeed! Creepy beginning to say the least! Happy reading!


  5. Definitely intriguing...and a bit spooky. Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “HAVE NO SHAME”

  6. Sounds intriguing. Not my usual genre but I hope you enjoy!

  7. Definitely an couple of intriguing teases!
    You'll be in my thoughts this weekend with thw scattering. My mom's funeral was exactly 5 years after her father passed and I still have to shake myself when I realize how long they've both been gone.

  8. I really want to begin this series. It sounds like a great one. :)

    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

  9. So intriguing and creeptastic that I'm pulled right in! Happy Sunday!


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