August Releases. 2017.

Hello everybody :) In the light of me trying to be a more active blogger, I wanted to continue posting all the awesome books that will be released in the upcoming month !
Even though I stopped blogging for a while, I am still a complete booknerd that stayes up-to-date with all the books that are to be released and keep a list for it. (Yes I'm one of those people that makes lists for everything, join the club.. )Maybe the novels will turn out less then great, but these are the ones I think are worth keeping an eye on.
Who knows, maybe you don't know all of them or maybe I missed a couple and you can help me pile up even more books on my never ending to-read list ! (kill me now)

So this July has not been the best month for releases for me. Yes there are some new books that seem interesting, but nothing HUGE. On the other side, after May I can use some breathing room to catch up on all those releases.. 

But well, this upcoming month I have 16 releases ! Which I will never catch up to, and then we are not even talking about the ridiculous amount of books that are coming in September and October.. But first getting through August..

So hereby, my list of August 2017 releases !

Secondborn - Amy A. Bartol

In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody
League of American Traitors - Matthew Landis
The Hearts we Sold - Emily Lloyd-Jones
Shimmer and Burn - Mary Taranta


 In Other Lands - Sarah Rees Brennan
Body Parts - Jessica Kapp
Wicked Like a Wildfire - Lana Popovic


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