Top Ten Tuesday. 06.12.16.

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It has been a very long time since I’ve written anything for this blog, but lately I’m feeling a lot better and I found it was time to start up again. I’m not completely sure yet if I will be back “full-time” with all the memes. I’m also not sure if I will make a review of all books that I will finish from now on, just taking it one at a time.

So, what is better to start again with than a Top Ten Tuesday? I really like the topic of this week, Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I’ve Read For The First Time In 2016. Even though I went through a lot of stuff this year I’ve kept up my reading (already finished my reading goal!!) and read some books from authors that I knew were around, but never took the time for or bothered with before. Some took me by surprise and made me want to read more about their older stuff as well.

So once again, let’s get started ! Oh and I starting numbering with ONE as the book that I read at the beginning of 2016, and TEN at the end.

Anne Bishop.
This was my very first read of 2016 and I completely LOVED the world of The Others!! It has this perfect blend of creepiness and fantasy that keeps me enthralled. In the meantime I’ve read two more novels of this series, and want to get started on the fourth one at the beginning of next year.

Amie Kaufman.
This is one of the authors that make me want to kick myself for not reading more of sooner. I was completely blown away with Illuminae, it is just original beyond comparison. I love how all these different documents make a very appealing and thrilling story, even with romance in it. Just amazing!! And don’t get me started on Gemina <3 !!! So now I should get started on her Starbound series.. I already got the first one on my shelves!

Jay Kristoff.
Read above about my love for Illuminae ^^ I’ve seen him pass by from time to time with the Stormdancer series, but never bothering with it. Now I’ve recently bought Nevernight.. Damn such a gorgeous cover.. Curious how he will write alone!

Morgan Rhodes.
I knew about her Falling Kingdoms series, but I never got to it. Just stupid, because it is right up my ally. So this year I finally took the time for it, and I really enjoyed it ! Got the other books in the series, read two more and the first one in the spin-off series and it keeps me entertained, can’t wait to continue both series!

Jennifer Niven.
All the Bright Places is one of those books that you know you will love, but you’re also aware that it will be very sad, and most likely make you cry.. sooo you put it off. But I’m happy I’ve read this one in the end, and just got her second book in the mail last week, can’t wait!

Erin Watt.
Since Erin Watt is not a real person, but actually consists of two authors, this one counts as two numbers, with Elle Kennedy on six and Jen Frederick on seven. Paper Princess completely tortured me and kept me up late at night. Because the writing style really appealed to me I also read a novel of Elle Kennedy herself and found it very entertaining as well. Want to read more of them!

Morgan Matson.
I’ve seen her name come by so many times and always planned on reading books from her, but I never got to it until this summer. The Unexpected Everything was a great story (a bit long) and made me want to read more books from her. In the meantime I’ve also read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, which was very cute. Hope to read more from her in the future!

Penelope Douglas.
Punk 57 came out recently and I liked the summary on Goodreads (not to mention the pretty cover) so I went for it. Finished it in no time, and wanted to read more from her ! So I started on Bully.. but was a bit disappointed with the last chapters.. But happy to have found a “new” author I like !

Kerstin Gier.
Damn, how many times have I seen her Precious Stone Trilogy pass by amongst fellow readers? I always had planned on reading it at some moment, but never got to it. But now I have and I was very surprised at how nice and easy it all was. Super read for in-between the heavier fantasy and love stories!

Of course, there are a lot more authors I’ve read the first novel from, but most of those are debut authors.. And I will get to them some other time hopefully. But for now, I’m very satisfied with my list. I’ve read a lot of interesting new authors (for me), it just keeps surprising me now many good books there are out there.. and how much I need to catch up XD

I hope you liked my Top Ten, which authors did you choose?


  1. Oh I hope you like Nevernight! It's on my list! And I love the book! I'm yet to read Illuminae...Will get to it next year! A lot of the books in your list are in my TBR...Great list :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you ! I hope I will like it too.. hopefully I have some time to read it soon on my Christmas holiday.. Thanks for visiting !!

  2. I read Bright Places early last year and I hope to read Niven's new book early next year.

  3. Great list! I read Jay Kristoff for the first time this year too. I highly recommend Nevernight! It is fantastic!

    My TTT

    1. So much positivity about Nevernight, now I have to read it asap ! Thanks for visiting !!

  4. Welcome back and great list! I love pretty much all of the authors on your list, only some are still on my TBR. Jay Kristoff and Elle Kennedy are some of my discoveries of 20146 as well, they're on my list this week too :)

  5. I haven't read books by any of these authors - yet! But I am *really* want to read Jennifer Niven's book All The Bright Places- I even got it from the library, but didn't get a chance to read it before it was due. Here's hoping I get to it in 2017!


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