Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag.

Welcome to the great almighty Book Tag of... Zombie Apocalypse!!

So yeah.. First of all, this might be one of the first book tags I've ever participated in (I think). As you might know (or not) it has been a while since I updated this blog before last week because I had to deal with some personal issues, but now I'm back ! And, I'm really trying to be very active !! So a book tag fits in well right?

Soo secondly, how do I justify this book tag? Zombies do not really scream Christmas or anything.. Wait ! I don't have to justify anything, because HA ! This is my blog and I'm in the mood for this one. So deal.

I just noticed this tag on Shelves of Spines and it seems like a lot of fun !! She has this 24 Days of Shelves of Spines thing going on, so you should totally check out her blog !!

But well these are the steps to be taken.

ONE. Pick 5 books
TWO. Turn to a random page
THREE. The first name you get to see will be on your survival team (poor them)
FOUR. Apply the characters to the 10 situations and types of people in the order you got them
FIVE. Fret over how doomed you are

So let's get started !! I decided to make this a game at home, were I sit in my chair, all nice and warm with a blanket and some tea.. And I let my husband pick five books and opens them on random pages for me. I have a great husband.

The first person to die: Simon from The Mortal Instruments. Nooooooo not Simon !! He is so not lucky.
The first person to trip to get away from the zombies: Magnus from The Falling Kingdom series, also not really the most fortunate person.
The first person to turn into a zombie: Warren from the Mercy Thompson series, I LOVE Warren.. Would not like a zombie werewolve against me..Is that even possible? XD
The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Warner from the Shatter Me series, YES he totally would.
The idiot of the team: Elide from the Throne of Glass series, well.. she always gets undervalued easily..
The “brains” of the team: Sam from Mercy Thompson. Ohh I think he'd be a good brains !! Has like 200 years of experience.
The teams medic: Jace from TMI.. Yeah that would not work out to well..
The weapons expert: Chaol from ToG, well he does know his way around weapons.. 
The brawler: Nic from Falling Kingdoms, well he is very protective once he liked you.. Could work out.
The team captain: Kenji from Shatter Me series, okay that equals damnation..
First thing that came to mind: He managed to pick 9 men out of the 10 characters ! Does he have a death wish for his own species ?? How are the odds on this ! But well, all in all we might survive for a bit.. Who am I kidding.. we're doomed XD
So what did you think of this tag? Do you like it? Let me know if you participated as well !!


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