MONDAY Musings. 21.03.16.

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So once again we start this new week with another Monday Musings ! This meme asks random questions every week for us to answer. After we have made our own post we can link it back in the comments of the host her website ! 

This week’s random question is: Have you ever read a book after watching the movie/television version only to find that you don't like the book as much as the adaption ?

I was thinking about this one, and normally it would be a solid NO. I can say with complete honesty that their is no movie or television show that can be better than the book. It is just not possible. Books are ALWAYS better.

The only thing that happened to me, was that I started on the TV show of Vampire Diaries series, and later on wanted to read the book series. But... it was completely different ! Different characters and stuff happening.. That I deceided I prefered to continue the TV show because I was already into that, and not bother with the books. That way, I can enjoy the TV show without annoyance over the differences.
But apart from that, always the books !!

So how about you, did you ever prefer a movie or television adaption above the book ?


  1. YES! I completely agree. I love the TV Series but the books are terrible in comparison. I actually read book one way back in the 90s and didn't really like it then, so was surprised when they announced it was going to be a tv series. So glad they did though. Don't know what I would do without the Salvatore brothers!

    Have you read The Forbidden Game? That's my favourite L.J. Smith Series it's loads better than the VD books.

  2. Omg yes I am so with you on Vampire Diaries! I just loved the show and I picked up the first few books and read them and they were pretty blah for me. I was glad I watched the show first in this case otherwise I would not have ever watched the show lol.


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