FRIDAY 56 & Book Beginnings. 19.02.16.


Almost weekend people !! I’m so happy ^^ So this week I’ve got another great book to share with you that I’ve almost finished. It is such a great story, I was completely hooked from the start. So, like last week, I’ve combined my Friday 56 with Friday Book Beginnings !! So check it out ^^
First off, we start with The Friday 56, a weekly meme hosted by Freda’s Voice 

ONE. Grap a book, any book
TWO. Turn to page 56 or 56% in case of an e-reader
THREE. Find any sentence (or a few, just no spoilers) that grabs your attention
FOUR. Post it
FIVE. Add the URL to your post to the link on Freda’s Voice most recent Friday 56 post

I’m combining this one with The Friday Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader 

The rules of this one are pretty simple, you share the first sentence of the book that you are reading and share your thoughts, impressions etc. on this. And of course, don’t forget to share your URL on the Rose City Reader !

Oh how I adore this book, it completely lived up to my expectations. It was described as a mix between Jane Austen and the X-Men. How cool is that ? I love both of those very much so to me this is like some ultimate fantasy haha. But well, here are the sentences !


FIRST Sentence.
Death. This carriage was taking me straight to my death.

My sight sharpened on a broken stone in a nearby pile of debris. I darted for it, lifted the weight, and hurled it with miraculous accuracy straight at Claude. I soared through the air, thickly thumped his head, and dropped to the ground. Claude simply looked over his shoulder at me and scratched his head, then turned back to Mr. Braddock.
We needed to run.

I hope I made you a bit curious about this book.. ^^ Have a nice weekend everybody !!



  1. I am curious about this book, did you like it?

    Friday Memes

    1. I loved it very much ! I just posted my review of it yesterday !!

  2. Got a smile out of me and yes, I think this sounds like a fun read.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

    1. Thanks for visiting :) It made me smile as well

  3. I love the cover, and the book sounds great! I'd love for everyone to check out mine...

  4. Jane Austen and X-men? Already sold before reading the excerpts!

    Here's mine on:CARRY ON

    1. Yes it was a great read ^^ Thanks for visiting, I will check your out too :)

  5. You definitely have me curious. I had to laugh. The head butt wasn't even noticed! I hear this is a good one and hope to read it soon.

    My 56 -

    1. Haha yes I loved that I found a funny piece on this page, it's a good reflection of the book ^^ It is a good one, I hope you can make time for it soon !!
      Thanks for visiting :)

  6. I love the description of the Jane Austin and XMen mix too! Sounds good.
    Here's my Friday meme

  7. I definitely want to read this book!
    Happy weekend!

    1. You definitely should !! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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