REVIEW Amaranthine.

TITLE. Amaranthine
AUTHOR. Lanie Jacobs
PUBLISHER. CreateSpace
RELEASE DATE. August 7th 2015
PAGES. 235
GENRE. Young Adult, Vampires

With Graduation only weeks away, Khalida’s normal everyday boring life is turned upside down in one day. One day is all it took to change everything she ever knew. Never knowing her past, Khalida, is thrown into a world of vampires and just not any vampires, ones who will hunt to the end to kill her. Everyone around her is in danger and she must fight to protect those she loves. Thrust into the chaos, Luke, a boy whom she could never walk completely away from, one who would give his life to protect hers. And Carey, the ex-boyfriend who will stop at nothing to make sure that the darkness that surrounds Khalida succeeds in taking everything away from her. Though, Luke, would take on the world to save her, can he help Khalida save her from herself?

NO. Just NO. DNF at 20% 

I wanted to give it a try, but about 10% I knew this one wasn’t for me, but I pushed on, thought maybe things would change.. but I had to give up at 20%.
I really disliked this book, it was so cliché and completely not my thing. The description of this story sounded mildly entertaining, but it is just another run-of-the-mill Young Adult about vampires.

I really disliked the main character, she is so confusing and just plainly mean. Of course, the book instantly starts with a big cliché, namely the slut-shaming:

“A Date? And you don’t even remember his name? You are such a harlot,” Khalida laughed at the hurt, surprised look that rolled across Vega’s face.”

And Vega is supposed to be her best friend ! Not only that, but she is very inconsistent. From what I gather, she used to date Luke, but because he was hot/cold she broke things off, but when she sees him with someone else she gets very jealous instantly. But when he tries to make up for things, she blows him off.. Be clear woman ! Either you like him and you act like it, or you don’t. Later, when she decides to give things another try, she continuously acts like a huge witch with a capital B. 

“It’s because they are not used to seeing me with such a smart, intelligent beauty.”
“OH.. that’s right,” she beamed, “they are used to seeing you with dumb scuzzy twits. That’s it. They’re in shock,” she said, laughing along with a hint of sarcasm within her tone.
“What do you want for your birthday?” he said smoothly into her ear.
“You remember my birthday?”
“June twenty-second, just three short weeks after graduation.”
“I’m impressed you didn’t get it mixed up with one of the local mutss you kept around,” she turned in his arms and playfully pulled his cap to the side away from his face so she could kiss him.”

OMG. You should be thrilled that he remembers your birthday ! My own man doesn’t even remember my birthday.. And he TRIES to be a good guy and you act all childish and jealous !? I really don’t like that at all, get of your high horse. Especially when she herself dated someone else when they broke things off.. HYPOCRITE.

And just when I was thinking this book is really, really cliché, she said the following:

“What’s so funny?” he looked at her with his piercing blue eyes.”

Are you kidding me ?!?! Writers should just STOP using that phrase, it is getting ridiculous. 

But for me, it was completely over later on. It starts with them kissing, and all of the sudden she bites him (oh wow, nobody saw that coming..) and he bites her back ! Look, that would be interesting, that could be something I could get behind.. but then it gets completely ruined when he starts explaining things…

“You have to listen to me, Toot. You’re unique. There are very important things you must be aware of. I know how sudden this all is for you, but you must listen carefully and take this seriously. On the eve of your birthday, when you transformation is complete, you will receive a certain kind of power, maybe more than one. You are extremely rare. You will be sought out by other vampires, evil ones, who are seeking to attain this power, and they will stop at nothing to gain it.”

Hooray.. another special snowflake. I give up. 1 Freyja.



  1. Sorry this didn't work for you, Melissa. I think clichés can work sometimes, but other times, it just feels a bit lazy and makes me roll my eyes all the way back in my head. I hope your next read was awesome!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Thanks, I hope so too.
      And I agree, clichés can work, when done properly.. but I'm afraid I find that this one isn't.
      Thanks for visiting !!

  2. Boooooooooo! Sorry you didn't care for this one and had to DNF it. I hate when that happens. I hope your next read is much better.


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