Weekly Book Haul. 05.16

So here I am, back with another weekly Book Haul ! This week has brought me some new e-books from NetGalley, and I got some audiobooks as well ! And I had one book coming in the mail.. but that turned out to be a major disappointment.. The book (Visions in Silver, the next one of The Others that I am really looking forward to reading) finally came in, but was damaged !! Quite severly.. So I had to send it back.. Totally sucks, but I hope they will send a new one soon.

But well, I'm trying to read more audiobooks lately, only I've given up on the last one I tried a while back.. so I'm hoping to start again now that I have a fresh couple of books ! They had a first books in a series sale and I got some books from series I really want to start !!
Aaaaaand, I've made a really big order at Amazon.co.uk, which hopefully, comes in Wednesday and I can show you next week !!


I do have to admit that I'm kind of ashamed I haven't read the Kate Daniels series yet. I wanted to for a very long time, but I just never got to it. Hopefully that will change soon.

I was really happy when I got approval for all of these !! Especially Tell the Wind and Fire is a book I already heard a lot about and can't wait to start !!
So, how was your week, did you some books you're really happy about ?


  1. Great haul!!! I loved Magic Bites, but I haven't read any more of the series yet. I need to get on that!

  2. Thanks, sometimes we forget to read the rest of it because we already have sooo many books ^^ I hope you will have the time for it soon ! Thanks for visiting !


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