MONDAY Musings. 15.02.16.


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A new week, a new meme ! I want to add more meme’s so after some searching a came across Monday Musings, a weekly meme that asks a random question every week for us to answer. After we have made our own post, we can add a link in the comments of the original meme.
So I will give this meme a try and see if it works out for me or not ^^ 

This week’s random question is: Do you read more than one book at once? Why, or why not?

 I read multiple books most of the time, at once. Why? Well, I like to switch between reading physical books and e-books. Especially in the evening, in bed, when I don’t want to bother my boyfriend, I grab my Kindle to read. The light is much dimmer, which works perfect for late-night readings. But usually I am also reading a “real” book too, which I read when I have light and don’t want to be silent.
And, to be honest, I prefer reading this way even if I wouldn’t have to. I like to have some variation. But ! When a book is really great and awesome, I can’t put it down.. and I finish that one before I continue something else.

So, how about you ? Do you like reading multiple books at once, or do you prefer to finish one story before you start on the next one ? 


  1. I completely agree with the physical to e-book scenario! E-books are so much easier to read in bed without the lights on so you don't have to disturb other people. I also like the fact that if you see a book you like you don't have to run out to the book store to buy a copy you can purchase it at 2am on the kindle if you like haha. Good answer!

    Here's mine:

  2. I prefer to read one book at a time.

  3. I do switch between Kindle and print books occasionally, especially if I am going out. The Kindle is easier to carry with me.

    Mostly my switching occurs when the books are very different.


  4. I read my sony if I go away so much easier than carrying books, then I can browse and see what I feel like reading:)


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