MONDAY Musings. 29.02.16.

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So once again we start this new week with another Monday Musings ! This meme asks random questions every week for us to answer. After we have made our own post we can link it back in the comments of the host her website ! 

This week’s random question is: What was the last book you didn’t finish? Why?

The last book I had to shelf as DNF was Everealm by J.D. Wright. The story was so weird and random, I could not follow it at all. The narrator kept changing and I had no idea who was who or what was happening. But, most of all, I did not feel connected. I didn’t have a click with the book and could not get into it. Because of that I got bored real soon and decided it was not worth my time and I should give up. 

So how about you, which is the last book you didn’t finish and why ?


  1. Oh that sounds horrible! I hate when a book is too difficult to follow. The last book I DNF'd was Lamb by Christopher Moore. It just was not for me. I didn't like it at all.

    1. Why didn't you like it ?
      Thanks for visiting :)

  2. I hate books that are so hard to follow. I like to think that I don't DNF books... I just put them down for a very very long time ;)


    1. Hahaha, that's another way to put it ! I like the sound of that much better ^^ Thanks for visiting ")


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