REVIEW Holding Court.

TITLE. Holding Court
PUBLISHER. Entangled Teen
RELEASE DATE. March 1st 2016
PAGES. 352
GENRE. Young Adult, Romance, Mystery

I received this ARC copy from Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review, thank you for giving me the opportunity !

Sixteen-year-old Jules Verity knows exactly what's in store at her new job at castle-turned-dinner-theater Tudor Times. Some extra cash, wearing a fancy-pants dress, and plenty of time to secretly drool over the ever-so-tasty--and completely unavailable--Grayson Chandler. Except that it's not quite what she imagined.

For one, the costume Jules has to wear is awful. Then there's the dead body she finds that just kind of...well, disappears. Oh, and there's the small issue of Jules and her episodes of what her best friend calls "Psychic Tourette's Syndrome"--spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of seemingly absurd prophecies.

The only bright side? This whole dead body thing seems to have gotten Grayson's attention. Except that the more Jules investigates, the more she discovers that Grayson's interest might not be as courtly as she thought. In fact, it's starting to look suspicious...

Standalone. Just one book.. Though I would like it if she would release more books (about this main character or another).

WHY this BOOK.I noticed it on NetGalley and the description sounded interesting. A bit of a mystery with some paranormal powers.. in a Tudor-themed castle. Count me in !

I really enjoyed this book. No it was not the most original or deep plot.. and even though most of it was kind of predictable, there were some things I did not expect. But most of all, it was a very funny read and it made me laugh out loud a couple of times. That made it all worth it. 

So, the story is about Jules, a sixteen-year-old with a special gift. Only, she does not really perceives it as a gift, but more as a curse, one that she calls the “Psychic Tourette’s Syndrome”. Meaning that (mostly at awkward times) she blurts out weird sounding prophecies and make no sense at the moment. Because of that, most people in her town find her a freak and she feels as one.
But ! She gets the opportunity to work at Tudor Times, a castle in her town, playing the role of the Maid of Kent. Who turns out to be a crazy nun. Which seems rather fitting ^^ But.. on her first day she finds a body in one of the secret passages she stumbles on ! But when she comes back with back-up, the body has disappeared and nobody seems to believe her.. So it is up to her to prove that it really happened, and when another body turns up later things get even more weird ! Luckily, she has the help of her crush Grayson to solve this mystery. Only problem being that the killer found out she knows more and is after her now too ! Who is left to trust ? And… can she find the killer before he gets to her ? 

This was a fast paced book that kept me on the edge of my chair. I was so into the mystery, wanting to know where the body was (and was there really a body) and who killed them. At the ending, when everything was revealed.. I was completely surprised, I did not expect that person to be the killer at all !

I loved the setting in the Tudor-themed castle. With all its little secret passages and hiding rooms, knights in shining armor *sight*.. I loved how everything was authentic and they wanted to give the visitors an as real experience as possible. 

I also really liked how she shaped the way of her premonitions expressing themselves. It made for some really funny moments, but most of all it was very mysteriuous. At the moment she yells it, you have no idea what it is about, and try to think how the clue fits in.. and then later on, it makes complete sense ! Loved that.

Oh ! And I really liked how she put it all in the NOW. Using references to The Princess Bride (never read it, but it made me interested in it) and Taylor Swift.

I really adored her writing style, it was so easy to read and you fell right into it. 

Ohhhh how cute and adorable they were ! Of course, you knew right from the start they would end up together, not much to guess about that, but it was just so cute !! because she perceives herself as a freak, she thinks nobody would want her.. while in the meantime he is totally crushing on her as well !! Though I did wonder why he stayed with Bree if he was so into her, later on that got clear as well. Only thing left to do was wait for them to confess. Ohh it was just sooo charming ^^

I really liked the main character Jules. She was so quirky and just hilarious ! She made me laugh and snort so many times !! But also completely adorable in her love for Grayson. A person like her is just a perfect main character to have in a book, funny and full of life. Even though her life had not been perfect, she doesn’t get depressed or whiny, but moves on and gives it another try. Loved that.

I also liked the owner of the castle, Hank Bacon, very much. Even though I had my suspicions about him, he really looked out for Jules. Though he is kind of a weirdo walking around everywhere in King Henry clothes and talking like they did in the past. I had appreciation for his thoroughness, making sure that everything in the castle was as authentic as possible.   

But most of all I loved her family. Even though she is not the most normal person (but then again, who is) she had a great support system. Her mother loves her very much, and her grandmother was just adorably weird. And her best friend Cami is there for her as well, all believing in her and trying to help her. I loved that. 

“You have to, Jules.”
“I know.”
“It really is the perfect job for you.”
“Minus the nun habit and the dead body.”
“Duh. So, what’s your plan?”
“I thought I’d put on a deerstalker cap ans an Inverness cape and walk around with a pipe in my mouth.”
“That ought to be effective.”
“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘elementary’, my dear Watson.”
“I’m calling Hank,” she tells me after I give her my version of the whole disappearing dead body thing.
“What? Why? What do you expect him to do?”
“Well, people are dying indisde his castle, surely he ought to do something?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Gran gave me a stun gun.”
“Oh God. Please tell me you’re joking.”
“Nope. I’m all set.”
“I look up at him, and my heart gives a funny little flutter. “The virgin hides the truth!” I yell in his face.
“You don’t say?”
“I pretty much wish I hadn’t.”

Ohh I had so much fun with this book !! Though I do have to say, this is not a book you should be reading because you are looking for something deep and complicated. This is a light and funny read and you should treat it as such. That being said, I had a lot of fun reading this book, it is a nice in-between story and you should definitely give it a try if you have the chance. So, I would like to give it 4 Freyja’s and I hope she will write more books in the future !



  1. Great review! This does sound like a fun and fluffy read. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D


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