MONDAY Musings. 22.02.16.


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 So we start this new and awesome week with another Monday Musings ! This meme asks random questions every week for us to answer. After we have made our own post we can link it back in the comments of the host her website !

This week’s random question is: How do you choose which books you read?

For me, that is totally random. It completely depends on what mood I am in. Sometimes I just ache for something normal, like a contemporary read, without all the supernatural stuff, and other times I just really want to lose myself in a new and magical world. Or, when a new book in a series comes out that I love, I ache to get back into that world and read about its characters. 

I do try to finish more series, that is supposed to be my new years resolution.. but so far I’m not really in the mood for it haha. So all in all, it doesn’t really matter how I try to plan my reading habit, it just goes its own way.  

So, how about you ? Do you have a system or are you more a mood reader like me ?


  1. I completely agree with how you choose what book to read! I feel like I'm exactly the same way. I wish I had a system to tackle the ever growing TBR pile but my heart always wins out.

    My Musing Monday

  2. Yes, my moods often dictate my choices, too; here is my MONDAY MUSINGS POST

  3. Great post; I'm more of a mood reader. :-)

  4. Great answer. Sometimes my mood sways what direction I will go, but pretty much I read what I owe for reviews these days. Hopefully that will change soon.


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